sue doggett
The Hunting of the Snark 2018

There are ten ‘sailors’ on the ship who are hunting the Snark: A Bellman, A Boots, A maker of Bonnets and Hoods, A Baker, A Banker, A Barrister, A Broker, A Billiard-Marker, A Butcher and a Beaver. In this binding, each one is represented by a different compass rose. The compass rose usually includes the cardinal points North, South, East and West but these compasses are rendered useless as they have no such directional indicators. The sailors in the poem are delighted when the Bellman produces an ocean chart to direct them to where they will find the Snark. This map, from the original suite of drawings by Henry Holland, is famously blank and therefore of no use at all. The directionless compasses are my interpretation of that.

Leather binding using three-part construction (tongue in slot). Natural goatskin dyed and painted with acrylic. Machine embroidery on boards and spine. Hand-painted paper doublures. Painted and machined embroidered endpapers.

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll
Artist’s Editions 2006. Illustrated by Jon Lord. Signed by the artist. Edition Number: 206/220 Size: 317 x 206 x 25mm